Hypnotherapy during a pandemic - Online therapy

Yes, even during a pandemic or in a lockdown our mental health is important. And although in many countries therapy sessions are excluded from any restrictions, most of our clients don't feel comfortable meeting their therapist despite all the safety measures that were implemented.

Many clients were asking if we could do online sessions instead of in-person meetings and we are very happy to offer this.

But the next question always is: "Does Hypnotherapy even work online?"
And again the answer is "Yes". And there are good reasons why it works.

  1. The first part of a session is as usual a chat about the issue and the goal that our clients want to achieve. 
    This helps to focus our minds and gives both of us a chance to get known to each other.
    During this phase, the client will have his eyes open and is actively engaged with the Therapist. This conversation could also happen on the phone and is similar to any online conference or a webinar, so why would the client need to come in personally for this?
    And opposed to the phone conversation we also have the advantage of recognising body language and facial expressions as well as the plethora of non-verbal communication.
  2. The Therapist will then lead over to the hypnotic process. During this process, the therapist will encourage the client to close the eyes as this facilitates a more focused mindset and removes visual disturbances.
    Listening to a voice is also easier when the eyes are shut, wouldn't you agree? And again it does not matter that the therapist is not in the same room as the client. And using the online approach still enables the therapist to observe the client and get the vital non-verbal clues.
    With other words, this can also be done in the comfort of your own place.
  3. When we work together to reach your goals, we use language to paint pictures and recall emotions. So for that reason some techniques will not be provided in an online setting, as we would not be able to reach out to our clients. But there are plenty of alternatives that still can facilitate a relaxed body and mind and we all know, that a relaxed mind helps to relax the body and that when the body is relaxed our mind becomes relaxed as well.
    Now, relaxation is key in many therapeutic techniques and where could one better relax as in the own recliner, sofa or bed?

You see, not being able to attend in person does not mean you have to cave in, you can still become your better self and we at My Hypnotherapist are happy to help in any way we can.