Welcome to our Blog

This section of our website will be updated regularly and will provide insights into our work, into the developments and history of Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy, and the one or other script, technique, exercise, recommendation.
If you are a blogger or Hypnotherapy colleague and would like to become a guest blogger, please contact us by email and we will arrange a spot for you.

Some general information and guidelines

We are following the "Guidance Note: Guidance on Anonymisation and Pseudonymisation" as published bu the Data Protection Commission of Ireland.
When posting case studies or mentioning something that happened in our clinic we anonymise the data as follows:

Name, gender and age

Although we work with all genders we stick to the two traditional biologically verifyable ones for simplicity reasons.

Betty is a female underaged client Timmy is a male underaged client
Sarah is a female client aged between 18 and 59 John is a male client  aged between 18 and 59
Elizabeth is a female client 60+ Albert is a male client 60+

We may or may not change any persona in our article, unless the described event or issue is specific to an age group or gender.

Location and date/time

Any anecdote has happened as described in the article, but the location, date and time, as well as side lines may be different. For example, the described instance is taking place in a shopping centre around lunch time but the actual situation was in my clinic in the evening.

No event described happened in the last 12 month prior to publication, unless it is a reoccuring or common theme.


In accordance with our Privacy Policy any part that is taken from our work with clients and that is specific to a single or small group of clients, we will ask for permission to publish. The client or group of clients will receive the intended publication and are entitled to 

  • reject the publication 
  • reject parts of the article to be published
  • request a modification or alteration of the article or parts of the article 

All of the above is undertaken by us to ensure that even by deduction or other means the privacy of our clients is protected and no individual, couple, family or group can be identified.