The Corporate Livewire Republic of Ireland Prestige Awards recognised MyHypnotherapist

Prestige Awards

It was a surprise as I was contacted in January 2021 by Corporate Live Wire, and the very polite man on the other side of the phone line said:

"One of your clients nominated you for this year's Prestige Award in the category Health, Beauty & Wellbeing as Best Hypnotherapist. Would you be interested in going forward with this?" 

Although I never learned who of my clients was so considerate, I felt already like a winner. Then came the COVID-19 restrictions again and with it the refocusing on Online Sessions. Needless to say that learning a new skill banned this call from my mind.

That is until I was called again in November 2021 and the voice explained:

Good News, Mr Gathmann, you are shortlisted for the award. Are you still interested?

Yes, indeed I was, and curious about who nominated me. For the first time since GDPR was introduced in Europe, I realised how strong this legislation is and how hard it is to get such information. To my client who nominated me: Thank you so much for this opportunity, I still did not learn who you are, please contact me, I want to thank you with a free session or some mindfulness meditation.

Finally, in December, I got the call confirming that I was indeed the winner of the title "Hypnotherapist of the year 2021/2022". Due to production constraints, the still not fully worked out Brexit and the still existing COVID-19 restrictions I should receive the Trophy in a ceremony at the End of February.
Well, due to the pandemic the ceremony did not happen and the shipment of my price was delayed due to Brexit and some customs declaration bureaucracy another delay occurred.

As I always say to my clients, especially the younger generations, patience is a virtue. And the reward of it is that I finally can proclaim my recognition and show my price: